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A publisher with character(s)!

For more than half a century, Dupuis has been writing an essential page in the story of graphic novels.

Through the weekly Spirou magazine, Dupuis has cultivated a passionate public following.

Dupuis has created iconic figures such as Lucky Luke, Spirou, Boule et Bill, The Smurfs, Cédric, Le Petit Spirou, Kid Paddle, and Largo Winch, and continues to publish some of the world’s greatest artists.

Each year, 5 million Dupuis comics and graphic novels are sold across the globe. Beyond its Franco-Belgian roots and the famous series that have cemented its reputation, the strength of Dupuis lies in its ability to anticipate the future of comics and reinvent the industry.

Today, Dupuis pioneers a comprehensive commercial strategy that integrates publishing, animation, and rights licensing.