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Mediatoon Licensing

Mediatoon Licensing is the in-house licensing agent of the Media Participations.

This subsidiary acts as an agent for all Media-Participations publishers. Its mission is to expand the group’s commercial potential by selling foreign rights and licensing rights to the characters found in the group’s graphic novels and animated series. It also represents independent publishers.

The main activities of Mediatoon Licensing are:

  • licensing our characters in every merchandise category: toys and games, accessories, stationery, back to school products, apparel, footwear, decoration…
  • licensing our characters for promotional campaigns or co branding operations with major companies such as banks, insurance companies, food brands.…
  • licensing the publising rights of our comic books to foreign publishers, under the Mediatoon Foreign Rights label.
  • Creating books on demand for private firms or other publishers, under the Mediatoon Publishing label.

Our IP catalogue expands regularly with new European and Japanese characters