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History of the group

2014 Acquisition of Moonscoop animation catalogue.

2012 Acquisition of ENPC (driving licence publishing).
Launch of Urban Comics (US comics publishing in French).

2011 Acquisition of Gravity Europe in partnership with Gravity Co. Ltd. (Korea).
DC Comics appoints Dargaud as Publishing lisencee for France

2010 Launch of izneo (digital platform for comics) jointly with Bamboo, Casterman, Dargaud, Delcourt, Dupuis, Futuropolis, Glénat, Le Lombard, and Soleil.

2009 Acquisition of video game and software publisher Anuman Interactive.
Investment in La Procure group (bookstores and mail order catalogs).

2008 Distribution agreement with Pearson group.
Investment in PGV Maison group (Système D and C’Déco).
Sale of Détours en France and Dada titles.

2006 Launch of Kana Home Video brand.

2005 Expansion of Dourdan distribution center.

2004 Acquisition of Dupuis group.
Distribution agreement with Editions du Voyage Michelin (maps and guidebooks).
Acquisition of Editions Champflour.

2003 Acquisition of Editions Mango.
Acquisition of Ellipsanime and VF Films Production.

2002 Acquisition of Storimages
Opening of new MDS distribution center in Dourdan.

2001 Acquisition of rights for Cubitus and Boule et Bill.
Purchase of Editions Chronique (history and thematic books).

1999 Creation of Lucky Comics joint venture
(publishing and rights of Lucky Luke character).

1996 Acquisition of Marina Productions

1992 Repositioning of Citel to focus on development
of animated films (including Tintin rights).
Acquisition of Editions Blake et Mortimer.
Purchase of Edifa.

1989 Acquisition of Tardy and Droguet & Ardant.

1988 Acquisition of Dargaud group (comics and graphic novels, Rustica gardening publications, distribution activities).

1986 Creation of Media-Participations and purchase of Fleurus.
Acquisition of Mame, Desclée, and Le Lombard.
Creation of Citel (video).