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Dupuis Audiovisuel



Dupuis’s tradition of producing high quality animation dates to the 1960s, when it rose to prominence as the studio that produced Les Schtroumpfs ("The Smurfs").

Today, the torch has been passed to Dupuis Audiovisuel, created in 1992 and based in Paris. The studio’s first joint production was the animated series Spirou, which was successfully distributed throughout the world and earned record audiences in France, where it aired on TF1.  In total, Dupuis Audiovisuel co-produced 104 26-minute episodes of Spirou.

Since then, Flash Gordon, Papyrus, Jojo, Cédric, Kid Paddle, and others have been added to Dupuis Audiovisuel’s lineup. Its catalogue now features twelve animated series that are co-produced with the major French television networks (TF1, France 3, M6, Canal+, Canal J, etc.) and are widely sold abroad.

Dupuis Audiovisuel also produces the Largo Winch series (39 episodes). This groundbreaking TV show aired on the M6 network and was eventually adapted into a successful feature film.