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The French leader in driver's license manuals and by-products sold in driving schools.

ENPC sells everything a driving school needs: manuals for any kind of driver’s licenses, learning booklets, test cases, driving simulators, websites, traffic cones, personalized stationery…

Created in 1996 by its current managing director, Didier Thomas, ENPC represents:

- an annual revenue of nearly €12M in 2012

- an operating results of nearly €1.3M in 2012

- 430 000 drivers’ license manuals sold per year

- 8 500 outlets visited by 18 salespersons on a workforce of 52 employees

- over 25% of the total revenue is done by digital products

- a recurring market of about 1 000 000 driving license applicants per year


ENPC joins the book department where the synergies with Vagnon imprint (acquired in July) will soon be set up.