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Anuman Interactive

Anuman Interactive is a leading French publisher and developer of video games and interactive entertainment products, on multiple platforms with worldwide distribution.

Established in 2000, the company has a dedicated team that creates, publishes and develops high quality games and products for brands such as Anuman (softwares), Microids (video games), Home Design 3D (interior design), Kids Mania (apps for kids) and the For Dummies series.

With a constantly growing portfolio of innovative games on a variety of platforms, Anuman has also developed a presence in the AppStore with the availability of more than 500 downloadable apps. Anuman is proud to achieve more than 12 million users, an AppStore Rewind 2011 and 2012 (100 top App Store applications) and 12 languages for the best seller app Home Design 3D.

With its dedicated team, Anuman Interactive is a dynamic, inventive company that is always looking for new trends in technology. Anuman joined Media Participations group in 2009.

We are constantly working on innovative products, targeting primarily casual gamers who are looking for fun games they can access easily on multiple platforms: PC/Mac, Web, Consoles, Smartphones & Tablets and Social Networks (Facebook).

A large range and variety of content (Architecture, Driving Tests, Digital  Books, Video Games) allows Anuman Interactive to offer a rich  and diversified catalogue of products, supported by many brands (Clic & Go, For Dummies, Home Design 3D, Garfiled, Paddington, Syberia) and prestigious partners (Gameloft, Ubisoft, Steam, Big Fish Games, Wiley,  Bordas, Hatier, Dupuis, Fleurus, Belin...).

  • Anuman: Entirely dedicated to the "Lifestyle" (everyday life) activities of the publisher Anuman Interactive, the Anuman brand combines all the applications and software published on PC/Mac, iOS and consoles throughout the world. Some references: For Dummies, 3D Driving Simulator...
  • Microids: Since 1986, The Microïds brand is a must have for all passionate adventure video game enthusiast around the world! Boasting a portfolio of recognised franchises such as Syberia (conceived by author Benoit Sokal), Dracula, Still Life, Egypt: The Prophecy and Return to Mysterious Island; the Microïds brand is now addressing large audiences thanks to the new digital platforms.
  • Joystick Replay: "Joystick Replay" collection regroups remakes, from the best 90' videogames, reworked with new technologies and adapted on the current multimedia platforms : mobiles, tablets, social networks... This label offers possibilities to (re)discover the biggest hits with a new eye.
    Some references: The Bluecoats - North vs South, Fire & Forget: The Final Assault, Crazy Cars: Hit the Road, Titan...
  • Microïds - Games for All: As a true symbol of Anuman Interactive's will to innovate and create games for all audiences, the Microïds - Games for All collection gathers the publisher's video games (with the exception of adventure games) of every genre and platform. Some references:  Moto Racer 15th Anniversary, The Princess Case, Monument Builders saga...
  • Home Design 3D: Launched in February 2011 on the iPad, the architecture and interior design application "Home Design 3D by LiveCad" has enjoyed success all over the world! Today, the "Home Design 3D" brand includes 6 products that combines the power and simplicity of use on PCs, iOS and Android. Key figures: more than 12 million downloads, winner of Apple's iTunes Rewind 2011 and 2012 Award (100 top App Store applications), translated in 12 languages…
  • Kids Mania: Kids' Mania is the Anuman's label totally dedicated to youth. Applications, softwares and applications for Kids under 0-6 years old are released under this label.
    Key features : more than 70 mobiles applications based on worldwide famous licenses (Little Hero, Bali, Paddington, Garfield, My Little Cook...)

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