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The first official and legal digital comic book plateform

Twelve comic book publishers have come together to launch the first online comic book reading device in French on www.Izneo.com

With Izneo, publishers like Bamboo, Casterman, Circonflexe, Dargaud, Dupuis, Fei, Fluide Glacial, Grand Angle, Jungle, Kana, Le Lombard, and Lucky Comics will offer the largest catalog of e-comics.

 Open to all comic book publishers from all over the world, Izneo features more than 1000 titles and will introduce approximately 100 new books every month.

 By using the Izneo system, publishers can build develop their services without being dependent upon the major providers. Izneo is an affordable, “easy to use” device. Internet users will be able to read the first 5 pages of each book for free. The basic option starts with a 10 day rental period.

 This continuously evolving platform will work on all of the new reading devices to meet readers’ and customers’ expectations.

 Izneo will be also be available from the major online bookstores.

 France’s largest online stores like Virgin Megastore, Mollat, La Procure, and Dialogues are already applying for partnerships.

 Izneo can also be accessed from mass-market media websites such as TV network or magazine sites.