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Magnificat is a monthly publication that accompanies daily the prayer of life of the Christian faithful.

Magnificat, Bringing the Word of God to Life

Magnificatis a publishing house founded in 1992, with editorial offices in Paris, New York, Madrid, and Oxford.

Its flagship publication,Magnificat is an award-winning monthly liturgical prayer book and a Christian spiritual companion, read by more than 1,000,000 faithful throughout the world in French, English (both New American Bible and Jerusalem Bible editions), German, Spanish and Lithuanian.

Beautifully printed on Bible paperMagnificat offers, for each day, morning and evening prayers inspired from the treasures of the Liturgy of the Hours; official texts of the daily Mass; meditations written by the Fathers of the Church; and essays on the lives of the saints. It also includes several spiritual articles, and a commentary on a masterpiece of sacred art.

Magnificatis also available online and on the iPhone (in English, French and Spanish).

Since 2006, Magnificat has also published a series of books, some of which have already become bestsellers (including Benedictus and Praying with Saint Paul), and recently a new line of children books in North America.

In line with its strategy of international expansion, Magnificat was recently launched in the United Kingdom in 2008 and Ireland in 2011

For children between the ages of seven and twelve, Magnificat offers Magnificat Junior (French) and MagnifiKid! English).