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In 1986, Éditions Chronique revolutionize the publishing world with a unique concept: accessible coffee-table books focusing on History in the present.

The challenge: combining a documented text to a rich iconography, reliving History through day-to-day texts.
One obligation: simplify the access to information without reducing it, in order to cater for the general public. All the Chronique works and collections comply with this criterion.

The titles of its catalogue have become bestsellers and renowned classics, such as Chronique du XXe siècle (800.000 copies sold), the "Chronique of the Year" (Chronique de l’année) collection, etc.
In 2001, Éditions Chronique join the Média-Participations group.

Thanks to this support, Éditions Chronique have been able to boost their catalogue by offering new collections and titles while following their trademark high quality standard.

Current affairs, recent history, French and international heritage, entertainment, sports and music... Éditions Chronique are dedicated to be a reflection of the world we live in, through titles that are diverse but always accessible.

Éditions Chronique

57 rue Gaston Tessier
CS 50061
75166 Paris Cedex 19