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"The special book", this is what readers and booksellers expect from Knesebeck. For more than 30 years Knesebeck is creating and distributing brilliantly designed books with the highest production values.

Founded in 1987, Knesebeck began its story with a non-fictional program.

Over the years, publishing illustrated books in the areas of photography, travel, nature, lifestyle, comics and popular culture became the main focus of the publishing house.

Since 2006 the segment of children’s books ranging from picture books to middle grade to young adult fiction is an inherent and growing part of the portfolio.

In 2019, Knesebeck launched its newest label "Knesebeck stories", a home for non-fictional literature, starting with travel stories and nature writing. As a publisher we are constantly reinventing, re-examining and shedding parts of our portfolio, looking to the future.

We are committed to producing exceptional cutting-edge work. It is our aim to engage the enthusiasm of our customers and their commitment.


26 Holzstraße
80469  München