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Since 1992, Éditions de La Martinière have been publishing illustrated books characterized by powerful visual writing involving different elements: auteur photography, documentary photography, heritage, fine art, travel, illustration, film, music, fashion and luxury. Over the years, the catalogue has become richer and has reinforced the identity of the Éditions de la Martinière as a publishing house motivated by enthusiasm and creativity.

The year 1999 is a turning point in the history of the company, with the publication of Earth From Above (La Terre vue du ciel) by Yann Artus-Bertrand. La Martinière’s readership becomes more heterogeneous, with fresh gazes adding to the early following of loyal photographers. The publishing house successfully widens its horizon with topics such as self-help, wellbeing and gastronomy.

Fiction retains an important place: a department for literature was created to give it the care it deserves. The authors are eclectic, with different styles and genres, but they are all animated by the same commitment to literature and joined together by their taste for the imaginary and desire to interpret the world around them. The department is very attentive to quality and includes French and foreign novels with beautiful stories, well-rounded and powerful characters, penetrating language, a modern and audacious collection of thrillers…

Young people are also catered for: created in 1995, La Martinière Jeunesse aims to answer their questions and show them the world through varied themes, without taboo, and with straightforward and encouraging approaches; and always with the ambition to present quality works of good manufacture. In addition to photo reports and documentaries, it also offers fun and delightfully delicate albums, and the label La Martinière J Fiction presents entertaining literature (romcoms, fantasy, dystopias).

Today, La Martinière is the leading publishing house of illustrated books in France, and continues to be the place where great talents meet.

Éditions de La Martinière

57 rue Gaston Tessier
CS 50061
75166 Paris Cedex 19