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"We publish works that allow us to understand our time and imagine what the world should become." Éditions du Seuil founders Jean Bardet and Paul Flamand have successfully kept their ambition alive for almost a century. Created in 1935 with strict intellectual commitment and hints of social Catholicism, Éditions du Seuil properly takes off from 1945 onwards. This is the time when its directors started shaping their catalogue, including every sector of creation and knowledge in it.

With this idea in mind, Éditions du Seuil have strived to inscribe their publications within the intellectual, literary and political landscape of its time, and thus to act as a mirror for current movements of opinion and forms of writing.

Éditions du Seuil are active in many areas: French and foreign literature, thrillers and detective novels, social sciences, documents and coffee table books.

Today Seuil includes Éditions du sous-sol and three affiliated houses: Points, L’Olivier and Métailié Éditions.



57 rue Gaston Tessier
CS 50061
75166 Paris Cedex 19