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Since 1924, the magazine Système D has remained an undisputed authority on do-it-yourself home improvement projects. With more than 13.000 copies distributed every month, is the leader in its field, thanks to a demonstrative approach based on plans and step-by-step procedures.

The magazine has become the essential guide for all those interested in home improvement and renovation projects.
Système D is also:
    •    A quarterly, Bricothèmes, for ardent do-it-yourselfers looking for in-depths information in specific areas
    •    The Essentials, a special edition published biannually and aimed for beginners, for all those interested in acquiring solid foundation in DIY
    •     And a website,, which hosts one of the most active French forum about a wide range of DIY matters.


Système D

57 rue Gaston Tessier
CS 50061
75166 Paris Cedex 19