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A collective of seven publishers have gathered around Anne Carrière Éditions in order to explore French and foreign literature, that of reality and of dream – but also to produce essays and testimonies addressing adults as well as teens and children.

The vocation of these seven publishers is to create together a varied offer that is well thought-out and ambitious. This unique collaboration was born in the aim of answering a difficult issue: How can small and medium publishing houses develop without overproducing?

In the past five years, each publishing house have collaborated with one another with this idea in mind: sharing means and know-how, and offering a stronger common program to our specific public composed of schools and libraries.

Today the collective regroups Les Éditions Anne Carrière, Plein Jour, Le Nouvel Attila, La Belle Colère, Aux forges de Vulcain, Emmanuelle Colas, La Ville Brûle.

Anne Carrière Éditions

57 rue Gaston Tessier
CS 50061
75166 Paris Cedex 19