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With annual revenues of approximately 550 million euros, Média-Participations is the fourth largest publishing company in France. This success has been driven by management’s commitment to internal growth and content creation, combined with targeted acquisitions in complementary areas.

The group’s success is fueled by the growth of existing brands, particularly in its graphic novels, magazine publishing, and children’s books divisions; targeted acquisitions of other brands, franchises, publishing assets, and firms; the expansion of existing   activities through complementary media platforms; and its continued control of product distribution and delivery in France, Belgium, and Switzerland.  Across the range of traditional and new media channels, Média-Participations is committed to continually promoting its talented authors, journalists, producers, and their creations.

With Dargaud, Le Lombard, Kana, and Dupuis, Média-Participations is the undisputed leader of the European graphic novel and comic world.

Média-Participations’s various subsidiaries publish a broad range of books, from children’s literature to crafts and hobbies guides to illustrated and coffee-table books, to books covering religious, historical, and business topics.

Through its magazine publishing subsidiaries, Média-Participations distributes more than 22 million magazine issues a year, dedicated to crafts, hobbies and comic books coverage, as well as religious news.

Through its different production companies in France and Belgium, Média-Participations is a European leader for production of animation film and series, and offers an incomparable catalog of quality programming. New technologies represent an exceptional opportunity for future growth. Each and all Média-Participations’s companies have been heavily investing in adapting their content for digital platforms.

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